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Hairstyle & Make Up

What does the bride’s hairstyle and make up depend on? What are the elements that influence the choice of the right hairstyle for the wedding? The style of the dress and the shape of the bride’s face are certainly decisive, but also the season and her personal tastes should not be underestimated.

This decision requires careful reflection because it represents the starting point of a wonderful look that must also take into account the veil, the headband, any pins and accessories to be used to enhance the face and highlight the beauty of the bride.

The possibilities are many and to make the right choice you need the advice of those who can take advantage of the collaboration of the best hair stylists and make-up artists, who know the weddings well and all the stages of the event to recommend the right hairstyle, a makeup that lasts over time and resistant to kisses, hugs, and tears.