Focus: let’s discover San Galgano together

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Today I take you with me to discover San Galgano, a place steeped in history, just 35 km south of Siena.

It is an open-air abbey, which was built in 1224 in memory of a saint of the Cistercian order. The abbey reached its peak thanks to the economic support of the Stupor Mundi, Frederick II. Unfortunately after so much splendor there was a great period of decadence, which even saw it as a warehouse of construction materials, until it turned into the ruin that it is today. The great church was completely abandoned, thus becoming a huge quarry of stones and columns for the villages of the area.

Despite this, or perhaps even thanks to this, today it maintains an aura of unique mystery that inevitably affects anyone who approaches it.

This place so impressive is often chosen by the newlyweds for their photo shoot.

Suggestive, bright and faithful to the history of his land.

Definitely one of my favorite places!

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